Winter Scenes - MichaelSullivan

This is not a moose! LOL. While enroute to Agassiz National Wildlife Refuge, one drives through Holt MN....population 89. Like much of rural America, there isn't much there. And there definitely isn't an airport. So, I spotted this aircraft sitting where it shouldn't be. The story? At this point, I've no idea...research to follow.

No moose were spotted on this trip.

There is a second photo in gallery.

Story - The aircraft used to belong to Northwest Technical College in Thief River Falls, MN. It was used in their aviation mechanics program. The put it up for sale and a construction contractor from Holt MN bought it and had it towed 13 miles and parked it. Rumor has it that this man wants to make a cabin out of it. Somehow, I'm having trouble picturing that! LOL